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I have to constantly remind myself that each day, month, and year, are specks of time in the evolution of humanity. As I remind myself I ask each of you.

Are you doing things in your life that are an example to others? Are you leaving behind your own personal legacy beyond what you do in your career?

There is not enough time for me to tell you all the stories of great works I’ve witnessed just over the last thirty days from Global Goodwill Ambassadors. Within this newsletter, you will read yourself about a series of goodwill and goodworks.

I still get messages from people who ask: “What exactly does Global Goodwill Ambassadors do?” I wish they understood that it is not the organization of GGA, it’s the people themselves who do so much, and now in collaboration with others like each of you, who are writing the world’s greatest love story. You are advancing the evolution of civilization through inspiring humanitarian actions.

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Lisa-Marie Fischer and Richard DiPilla

Remember Lisa-Marie Fischer?

Lisa-MarieFischer LIVE


The singer who is known for her music videos “On my own”, “Done is Done”, “You’ve got a way with that”… got the German Country Award in 2015!


Special Thanks to all Johntext Authors who agreed and helped to support her 10 days before she received the Award on their websites:

Melissa Studdard​, Ethel Morgan Smith,​ Faraaz Kazi,​ John P. Matthew, Martin Becker, Joygopal Podder,​ Shweta Kesari​, Laura Lamarca, Marta Maciejewska …

This is the spirit of Johntext – Literature with purpose to help. To support a hard struggling wonderful singer even if there is no money to gain!

By end of March 2015 we listened to Lisa-Marie Fischer on almost all Johntext Websites:

Johntext World:

Johntext Switzerland:

Johntext Germany:

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Today again Johntext Authors agreed to support a wonderful initiative on their websites: #GlobalGoodwillAmbassadors founded by Richard DiPilla.
So this is what Lisa-Marie Fischer and Richard DiPilla have in common: support from Johntext!!!


LinkedIn Global Goodwill Ambassador

Thank you so much


I woke up in a dream. Global Goodwill Ambassador.

So many fans and kind people wishing me the very best  (for some of the following links you need to be logged in LinkedIn).
It is an honor to receive the title Global Goodwill Ambassador and use it to make this world a little better.

Thank you so much Richard DiPilla and the Board. For choosing me, for introducing me on LinkedIn.

I have a simple view: I try to help.

We all have a choice. Every day we hear bad news from all over the world. It can make us desperate. It can shock us.

There is a simple truth and it is not in the headline news. It is true indeed: This world is full of people who are kind. You see some of them when you open your eyes. Some need encouragement. They are real – in every town, village, every street, in every family. These people are near us despite the headline news. And these people reinvent our world in a million ways every day. I am sure that you are one of them. Thank you.

I am proud to support some of them. E.g. former member of the Swiss Parliament Roland Wiederkehr – recently honored Global Goodwill Ambassador, too.

He founded Green Cross (together with Mikhail. S. Gorbachev) to overcome the residues of the cold war. And with his organization CareCross (website soon in English) he reduces traffic accidents worldwide and helps victims – because 1,3 mio. fatalities annually on the worlds roads and 500 dead children every day on their way to school (WHO) are one of the biggest scandals. Roland Wiederkehr got the President’s award of the European Traffic Police Network for the thousands of lives he already saved. It is an honor for him to be LinkedIn Global Goodwill Ambassador. He needs support for his organization CareCross. His aim is to help reduce road accidents in development countries and support victims.

Roland Wiederkehr is a wonderful person and role model. Some of us go to cinema or watch films at home in order to see heroes. This one is real.

To watch and understand the following video you need not to know any spoken language:

Claude Ribaux / Zürich / Switzerland is a mastermind of hypnotic therapy. He coaches persons, companies, NGOs ….


His dedication is to help thousands of refugees to cope with the traumas of war, eviction, and violence. Soon his CASPEA Foundation in Switzerland will post the new campaign against Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Returning currently from a Hypnosis Convention in the United States he will speak at the 5th International Hypnosis Convention in Zürich (October 27th – 29th, 2017) about how to improve learning abilities by active-alert hypnosis.

It is one of my biggest joys in life that I can contribute to such initiatives. And I am glad that I am not alone. I have a circle of true friends around me who, in turn, support me.


Matthias Wiemeyer and Petra Huber helped me in many ways and continue to be a source of advice and encouragement. I joined their workshop online-journalist in 2015. Writing for websites. Online-marketing. How to start a social media campaign. Great experience and output!

For all kinds of workshop concerning writing and marketing check out Schreibszene

Never forget from where you started:
When I had no job I got the chance to join


Half a year I learned a lot there. How to write. How to make video interviews. How connect to other professionals worldwide. Special thanks to Robert Hansen, Rita Gabathuler-Dux, Carmen Püntener, Paola Pitton, Daniela Palumbo, Simone Gloor, Anja Piffaretti, Doris Urfer … and many more.

Jörg Mathys from Kölliken is my former employer and a close friend. He is a modest farmer and hard worker. And a role model for me. Be trusting. Be kind. Even to the grumpy, the disappointed, the misguided. Give them a chance and one day they will change their mind and be kind and supporting, too.

My employer Migros Basel is part of the big retailer Migros here in Switzerland. I got the chance to work for the Marketing Services Department. The world of business is hard. Competition, hire and fire are words which reign this world.

Migros is different and makes a difference. It employs people who cannot find another job because they have disabilities or because they are older than 50 years. The company gives 1 percent of its income back to society. It supports film, art and social activities. I a world which experiences tax income decreases and governments have to save money this company takes over moral responsibility. Great role model for business worldwide!

Richard DiPilla and his LinkedIn Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation is like a rock, an island in this world.


It has the potential to change dark to light, war to peace, hungry to satisfied and hate to love. It already started to change the world. First one person, one idea. And now it covers the world, like a carpet of green grass after a fire, like a carpet of love and goodwill.

Please follow and support Richard DiPilla:

By following him you seed love and peace worldwide.

I commented to a LinkedIn-Post of Vincent Coyle who founded Reconciliation Day:


„Hate and destruction can be aims of humans. These humans cannot follow opposing aims at the same time. Replace old aims by new: love and education = reconciliation“.

The trick is to let words change the world.

I still feel like I woke up in a dream come true and have to realign myself first. I am overwhelmed and thank you all for your kind words.

All those who supported me in the past but are not mentioned here: Thank you so much!!!


How to become a LinkedIn Global Goodwill Ambassador?

To find out exactly you have to follow Richard DiPilla on LinkedIn first. Here some hints from his timeline.

Why I started Global Goodwill Ambassador

Lisa Jones MBA President Global Goodwill Ambassadors

Lisa-Marie Fischer Beste Newcomerin 2015


Vor zwei Wochen taten sich alle Johntext Autoren spontan zusammen und beschlossen, die Country Sängerin Lisa-Marie Fischer aus Deutschland zu unterstützen.

Am 10. April nun die freudige Nachricht:

Lisa-Marie Fischer erhielt den Country Award 2015 als die beste Newcomerin.

An dieser Stelle allen Johntext-Autoren, die sich bereit fanden, diese wundervolle Country-Sängerin zu unterstützen ein herzliches Dankeschön!

Melissa Studdard​, Ethel Morgan Smith,​ Faraaz Kazi,​ John P. Matthew, Joygopal Podder,​ Shweta Kesari​, Laura Lamarca, Marta Maciejewska …

Das ist der wahre Geist und die Inspiration hinter Johntext – Literatur, die helfen möchte. Eine hart arbeitende, aufstrebende Country-Sängerin zu unterstützen, auch wenn dabei kein Geld herausspringt.

Auf fast jeder Johntext Webseite wurde ein Musikvideo von Lisa-Marie Fischer Ende März veröffentlicht.

Webseite mit Beiträgen aller Johntext Autoren: Johntext World

Johntext USA:

Johntext Texas:

Johntext Switzerland:

Johntext Germany:

Johntext Baden-Württemberg:

Johntext United Kingdom:

Johntext India:

Johntext New Delhi:

Johntext Madhya Pradesh:

Johntext Mumbai:

Johntext Poland:

Ich bin sicher, Lisa-Marie Fischer steht am Beginn einer grossen Karriere!

Hans-Jürgen John ist auf Twitter, auf Facebook und bloggt u.a. auf Johntext Schweiz.

On My Own

Das Wochenende ist heran. Das Wochenende ist zwar sonst für Lebenshilfethemen reserviert, beziehungsweise das Nachdenken darüber. Aber heute wird mal alles was mit “Wie Du liebst”, “Wie Du mit Geld umgehst”, “Wie Du Probleme löst” und “Wie Du Ziele erreichst” zu tun hat verdrängt. Retten wir die Welt am nächsten Wochenende!

Fans werden wohl in Lindau sein und Lisa-Marie Fischer live erleben. Hier also die Youtube-Variante für alle, die unterwegs sind.

LMF Photo 2

Hans-Jürgen John ist auf Twitter, auf Facebook und bloggt u.a. auf Johntext Schweiz.

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